About Me - Christian Hüther

Hello, my name is Christian Hüther. I am a master vehicle technician and I have been working in mechanics for over 30 years. I have been an entrepreneur since 2005. My first shop was located in Niederwerrn (2005 -2013) and now I own a motor vehicle mechanics shop in Bergheinfeld near Schweinfurt (2013-present). I specialize in French car models, such as the Renault and Astra, but my team and I welcome clients with vehicles of all makes and models.


Attached you will find a brief summary of my resume:

1982 - Motor Vehicle Mechanic Schooling
1986 -Employed Mechanic, working on Mercedes, Seat, Skoda and Lada
1987 - Soldier in the Germany army, enrolled in mechanical electronics, mechanical engineering, and welding courses
1991 - Employed Mechanic, working on Peugeot and Volkswagen
1994 - Employed mechanic, specializing in the mechanics of the Renault vehicles, mountain racing, restoration, special tuning, and retrofitting
2002 - Employed mechanic, working on Seat, BMW, and Peugeot
2005 - Graduated from Master school and became a full-time master vehicle technician, business economist in trade, while also completing courses for retrofitting (GSP, GAP)
End of 2005 - A self-employed, master vehicle technician, with a shop in Niederwerrn; specializing in French vehicles as well as retrofitting for LPG and CNG
2006- Shop renovation was underway and began offering windshield replacements and glass service
End of 2009 - Shop expansion takes place; a second shop building is acquired to accommodate tire service
July 2013 - Moved to a larger business premises in Bergheim near Schweinfurt