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...and welcome to our motor vehicle technician company, founded by Christian Hüther, your Renault-Avantime and Renault-Escape specialist. We are located in Bergrheinfeld near Schweinfurt. Thank you for visiting our website.

Everything your car needs

We offer regular check-ups, parts, repairs, retrofitting, complex engine repairs, and the customization of your car. We have everything you need!

We handle every make and model

Of course, you are welcome to bring any type of car. Our team is highly skilled and equipped to help you with any kind of vehicle.


We specialize in French car models—especially, the Renault-Avantime and the Renault-Escape vehicles. Our clientele reaches much further than Schweinfurt. We have Renault clients come to us from all over Europe. We made quite a name for ourselves since you can get unique spare and costume parts for the Renault-Avantime and Renault-Escape through us.

Avantime- Espace- Replacement Parts

We have a variety of replacement parts available for our customers, especially, for all special makes and vehicle types from Renault or Matra. Unique parts can be bought on site or they can be shipped in the mail. If available, used parts can be employed at the client’s request—this will lower the repair costs.

No can do is not an option!

As an independent shop we work completely unattached to manufacturers and brands. No can do is not an acceptable answer for us! We are the right place to go to for any repairs, on every type of car, regardless of the brand or how old it might be.


You can phone us under the number 01606030303, send an email to info@kfz-huether.de, or use a contact form to ask as any questions, and to book an appointment. Naturally, we will phone or message you back as soon as possible.

And now, we wish you tons of fun exploring our website!