Our conversions and specials

Within the years, our firm kept coming up with ideas for individual and in some cases exclusive, optical and technical changes for special vehicle models. From special solutions for racing cars, over the restoration of older vehicles, up to the individual construction and tuning of vehicle models from the mass production, Christian turned most of his ideas into reality. Particularly noteworthy are the Renault Espace J637 ("Sunkiste") rebuilt with great attention to detail (which is being used almost daily in our firm), as well as the almost completed pickup conversion of an Renault Espace. Because its very unique and complex body stile is made of plastic, it could not be fixed with the usual methods. Therefore we fixed most parts of the chassis by laminating them in GRP.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes - the "Orange Avantime"

We found this Avantime in Italy. It was damaged in the front, which the previouse owner had started to rebuild but wasnt able to finish, because the central locking system is not funktioning without its unique batterie. Therefore it was standing on the side of the road unlocked and got broken into. Unfortunately the robbers did not care about the vehicle and just ripped out the entire council and cut the electrical wires to reach the navigation systhem. We bought this vehicle as our own in Italy and transported it to Germany, where it was professionally dismantled and rebuilt as the "Orange Avantime".

The Renault Avantime V6 Compressor

In 2012 we were so lucky to acquire a very unique Renault Avantime in france - the Renault Avantime Compressor.  It has 280 ps and drives over 270 km/h.


The conversion of the green Avantime

We wanted a green Renault Avantime for a while and where very excited to built this very unique one. A green V6 model with two colored, individual green leather interior has never existed like this before. The green Renault Avantimes where only built in the very beginning and most of them got delivered with a beige leather interior, so the price for a green Renault Avantime would have been very costly. Therefore we purchased an originally violet Renault Avantime, which we almost completely rebuilt and then painted with the original Avantime green. this perticular vehicle already has over 300.000 km in milage, but it drives and looks like it has been built yesterday. It has everything one might be looking for: a Navigation system with lifelong guarantee of card updates, a hands-free device from Parrot, a stainless steal exhaust system, and most importantly, a gas system with large tank.

The redevelopment of a blue Avantime

At the beginning of 2017 we found this blue Avantime with very low milage. unfortunately it had been tampered with, so we wanted to make it shine again by turning it back to its original design. To do so we had to completely convert the car. The subframe and the radiator cross member were replaced by a galvanized axle carrier, the exhaust and flexible pipes were renewed and it got new brakes, new timing belts and new fluids. It now only needs to be painted and the interior needs to be prepaired, then it will be all finished and ready to have a second life.

The redevelopment of a violet Renault Avantime

in 2018 wegot our hands on a violet Renault Avantime that we are currently restoring. So far it has a new motor, a new clutch, galvanized and powder-coated chassis parts and new brakes. It almost looks like a new car below, since the body itself has already been hot-dip galvanized by Matra. Even after 17 years it is still rust free. Most of the top has already been repainted, everything else will be painted soon. It is still missing is the remake of the interior, which will be tackled this winter.

The redevelopment of a right-hand drive Avantime

Coincidentally, at the end of 2017 we received a completely totaled Avi from the island. Of course, right-hand drive was customary on the island, so the car was pretty much worthless everywhere else. But it appealed to us to turn this project car it into a jewel again. Since the original engine was defective due to a broken toothed belt, we had the chance to test what engines still fit in the Avantime. Again by chance we found a Megane Phase II RS engine with 250PS. It got cleaned and a new toothed belt was installed. The roles and the water pump were also changed. The chassis was completely overhauled, the rear axle and the stabilizer re-powdered. The subframe, the radiator traverse and many other parts are now hot-dip galvanized. All screws and other rubbers on the chassis have been replaced and he outer skin was completely renovated and painted. What's missing now is the interior, but that's next on our list!