As an independent shop, “no can do”, is not an acceptable answer for us!

We are the right place to go to for any repairs, on every type of car, regardless of the brand, or how old the vehicle might be. We take care of your car and provide our customers the fastest possible service. Our primary goal is to fix our customers vehicles for a low, competitive price. We have the necessary skills and experience in vehicle body construction, vehicle electrics, and vehicle mechanics. We also have the qualifications to provide service regarding airbag systems. Due to the variety of used parts for the Renault-Avantime and Renault-Escape we have on hand, we can offer a unique service that other shops may not be able to provide. For years, we have been collaborating with an equally competent vehicle paint shop to achieve the best paint quality possible for our customers. Naturally, we provide our customers with a free rental car for the time their car is being repaired.