The Avantime – Our favorite

Yes, the Avantime is truly our favorite. Even though the Avantime is known as a Renault, it happens to be the last model from Matra, and was built in Romorantin- Lanthenay in France. The Avantime is known for its unique design—it shines through its edgy dual colored exterior, three door build, a wide interior with tons of space, big windows, and a huge panoramic sun roof. The Avantime was only built from 2001 to 2003; of its kind, only 8,500 were produced. The Avantime is such a luxurious, equipped car that it made quite the name for itself. This Avantime model has developed a reputation worthy of its own fan club. People love the Avantime for its unconventional design and equipment. We are true fans of the Avantime and currently have multiple in stock—almost all of them are equipped with a V6 3.0 Liter Motor. Our passion for the Avantime has inspired us to become experts in repairs for this vehicle. We are likely, the only shop in Germany, with the skills and equipment to fix this model of car.

For our Avantime clients we complete routine general maintenance and also offer exclusive modifications. We offer a variety of services, from exchanging the Avantime’s expansive glass windshield if its defective or worn, changing out interior pieces (like leather seats), to optical tuning (such as body kits)—we are here for you. We keep a variety of used Avantime parts in our storage. All of our available used parts are frequently inspected, cleaned, and are completely functional. Also, we are one of few shops in Germany that are still able to provide heated windshields for the Avantime; currently we have about 80 of them in stock. Not even the largest vehicle glass specialists can provide such a specialized service.